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Whole House Lighting Control System

Make it a Magical Winter With Incredible Home Automation from Control4

15 Nov 2017 Control4

Those long, dark nights are drawing in, the days are getting shorter, and a brisk chill permeates the air, but you don’t have to let winter drag you down this year. With Control4 home automation, you and your loved ones can transform your home into a brightly-lit haven of happiness, warmth and security all winter long.

The best part? It does all that at the single click of a button.

Here, Pro Install AV, the leading Control4 installer in London, demonstrate just a few ways that this innovative smart home brand can help you create your very own winter wonderland. Read More

Home Cinema London

Why Now is the Perfect Time of Year to Take Care of AV Maintenance and Installation Upgrades

06 Nov 2017 Audio Visual

With so much going on lately, you haven’t given a second thought to investing in Audio Visual maintenance and installation of important updates and upgrades, have you?

After all, your current AV equipment is working just fine.

The truth, however, is that this is exactly the reason why you should take a moment to consider investing in upgrades or essential maintenance work for your system. Read More

Why Lutron over Crestron and Control4

Set the Perfect Scene for Any Occasion with Intelligent Lighting Control from London’s Top Lutron Dealer

25 Oct 2017 Lutron

Remember the days when setting the scene for a romantic dinner meant hours experimenting to find just the right number of candles and just the right level of intensity on the dining room dimmer?

That’s before we mention the challenges involved in creating the perfect ambiance once the two of you snuggled up on the sofa for a cuddle and a movie. Read More

Home Cinema Lighting

Why Intelligent Lighting Control is Such a Vital Part of Your Home Cinema Installation

16 Oct 2017 Home Cinema

Think about the last time you went to your local multiplex.

There’s a reason they lower the lights when the movie starts:

Too much light ruins the viewing experience, whilst too little can do the same. Read More

Apple Homepod

Apple Announce New Siri Smart Home Speaker to Rival Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know

01 Oct 2017 Home Automation

It can’t have escaped your attention that smart speakers have become the quintessential must-have gadget of 2017.

Inspired by the runaway success of Amazon’s Echo – a speaker which integrates with a home’s AV installation and smart devices to provide voice-activated home automation- other big name tech brands have been quick to get in on the act.

The most notable of these has of course been search giants Google, whose own Google Home speaker was launched here in the UK at the end of summer to much acclaim. Read More