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5 Reasons it Pays to Invest in an AV Support Service for Your New Audio Visual Installation

26 Jul 2017 Audio Visual

Whether you’ve invested in large scale, multi-room AV, a bespoke home cinema or any other type of audio visual installation, you’ll have chosen both the hardware and software for a number of key factors.

Of all these factors, reliability and ease of use will -if they’re not already your absolute top priorities- at least rank in your top three.

After all, when you’re spending so much on a state-of-the-art system, you need the guarantee that it will be built to last and remain free from fault for many a year ahead, all whilst being simple enough to get to grips with quickly. Read More

Ask The Experts: How Much Does Home Automation Cost?

13 Jul 2017 Home Automation

After the property itself, a home automation installation is one of the most important investments you’re likely to make for your future, your lifestyle, and your loved ones.

So, naturally, you need to be 100% certain that you’re getting it right, and that means getting advice from those in the know.

It might be that you need guidance on which brands to opt for, or simply a little inspiration as to what’s actually possible with smart technology. Read More

Bespoke Home Cinema installation London

2017’s Top Home Cinema Design Trends

07 Jul 2017 Home Cinema

It barely seems like five minutes ago since interior design experts were giving us their New Year predictions as to which home cinema design trends would be truly en vogue in 2017.

Yet here we are already, half way through the year and dealing with the fact that, whilst some of those predictions certainly came true, other design trends fell by the wayside, with yet others making a surprise return.

From contemporary chic and minimalist design to all-out, multi-viewing experiences, the world of home cinema design has never looked as diverse as it does right now in 2017. Read More

Home Cinema Interior Design

Interior Designers: Home Automation Technology That Won’t Clash With Your Beautiful Design

27 Jun 2017 Home Automation

You take a lot of pride in your interior design work, paying careful attention to every minute detail to come up with a creative solution which is as enthralling to the eye as it is ergonomically sound.

You spend hours experimenting and innovating with new combinations, new materials, and new products, all to achieve one ultimate goal:

Create an impressive interior design that your clients will love. Read More

Bespoke Home Cinema

Planning a Bespoke Home Cinema Installation: Your Complete Beginners’ Guide

20 Jun 2017 Home Cinema

At some point, most of us dream about owning our own, personal home cinema, a place we can escape to for some much needed, uninterrupted rest and relaxation after a long and busy day.

Now however, you’re ready to make that dream a well-earned reality.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and a little luxury in the form of a beautiful, state-of-the-art bespoke home cinema installation is more than well deserved. Read More