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Home Gym

Five Essential Smart Home Upgrades for Your Workout Space

16 Sep 2019 Smart Technology

No one could ever deny the importance of keeping healthy. In today’s fast-paced, ever-demanding world, taking a few moments of our day to engage in even the briefest bit of cardio or resistance training can do us a world of good.

But let’s be honest:

Going to our nearest gym to get that training in isn’t always the best option. Read More

AV Installation London

Your Pre-Winter Home Automation Checklist: Essential Tasks to Prepare Your Smart Home for the Winter Months

19 Aug 2019 Home Automation

With the warm, sunny days of summer surrounding us, winter may well be the last thing on your mind right now.

After all, who wants to think about the freezing cold, dark nights and grey skies when there’s a plethora of BBQs to attend, beaches to bask upon and garden parties to organise?

Not you, that’s who.

Yet still, we have to face the harsh reality that before we know it, summer will once again be little more than a distant memory and winter will be upon us once more. Read More

Home Cinema Design

Five Home Automation Essentials No Home Should Be Without

09 Aug 2019 Home Automation

For some homeowners, home automation products have always been in held in regard as something of an unessential luxury. For some, products like voice-activated home control and smart lighting are fancy add-ons which, though they may make a property look like a cross between The Jetsons and an episode of MTV Cribs, fail to add any genuine value to the day-to-day lives of everyday people like you and me.

Yet thinking is rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs and if they’re not careful, the people who continue to dismiss smart technology may be going right along with them. Read More

Home Security system

Installing Your First Smart Home Security System: Top Tips From Our Experts

15 Jul 2019 Home Security

Smart home technology can add all kinds of wonderful value to our lives. From improving the way we enjoy our favourite entertainment to adding an extra level of convenience through world-class home automation systems, there’s barely anything that technology can’t do for us.

But let’s face it:

All of that pales in comparison to the one thing that’s really at the top of our priority list:

Keeping our loved ones safe. Read More

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Smart Outdoor Lighting: This Summer’s Must-Have Essential for Your Garden

03 Jul 2019 Intelligent Lighting

Those long, bright summer days are perfect for lazing around in the garden, throwing the occasional BBQ party, or simply relaxing on a sun lounger and soaking up some rays.

Yet just because the sun goes down eventually, that doesn’t mean your summer fun has to come to an end. Read More