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Award Winning Lutron Homeworks Installers

How Lutron Became 2020’s Must-Have Essential for Luxury Smart Homes?

15 Jun 2020 Lutron

Undisputed leaders in their industry, Lutron have held their position at the very forefront of intelligent lighting innovation for well over 50 years.

Since their first products made their way into our homes as far back as the 1960s, the Pennsylvania-based lighting pioneers have elevated themselves to an estimated $600 million in global annual revenues. When you consider that the smart lighting industry as a whole is expected to generate $8.3 billion in 2020, it’s hard to deny Lutron’s dominance. Read More

control4 google home

All about Control4 and the Google Assistant

12 May 2020 Control4

While Amazon’s Alexa may have hogged all the limelight as far as voice-activated smart assistants go, it’s far from the only option on the market. Its closest rival, Google Assistant, has proven itself to be a worthy contender to Alexa’s throne.

When it was first launched in 2016, the Assistant-powered Google Home shipped five million units worldwide. Just three years later, that figure stood at 20 million, with sales predicted to top 140 million by the year 2025. Read More

smart technology and interior design

Top Smart Home Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Technology Working During Covid-19

23 Apr 2020 Smart Technology

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way many of us live and work, and here at Pro Install AV, we’re no different. As a public utility, we remain committed to service delivery at a time when connectivity is so critical to so many.

Yet nothing matters more to us than the safety of our valued customers and employers which is why, in-line with current government guidance, we’re currently postponing new smart home installation projects until it’s safe to start work and providing our usual high-standards of customer support via phone and email only.  Read More

Home Automation System

What to Do if Your Smart Home Technology Breaks During Covid-19 Self-Isolation

18 Apr 2020 Smart Technology

In the brief period between March 9th and 22nd, 2020, 27% of businesses declared a reduction in staffing levels to help them survive the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, while 46% had urged their staff to work from home.

In other words, we’re all spending a lot more time at home, and that means relying on our technology.

For some, that might just be to while away the hours enjoying home entertainment while waiting for things to go back to normal. For others, that technology may be the one thing helping them to stay home and stay safe while still working and looking after the family. Read More


Who Are The Top-Selling Brands in the Smart Home Market?

24 Mar 2020 Smart Technology

Four years ago, the global smart home market was valued at USD 55.65 billion. In its own right, that should be a pretty impressive figure, but let’s face it:

It’s nothing compared to the USD 174.24 billion the industry is projected to be worth just five years from now. Read More