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Home Automation London

Why You Must Invest in Smart Home Technology if you Remodel Your Home

16 Jul 2021 Smart Technology

Deciding to remodel your home makes for an exciting new project and brings a new lease of life to your property. At a time where we’re spending more time at home than ever before, there really is no better time to commit to your dream remodel – whether you’re dedicated to modernising, being more energy-efficient or increasing your home’s value. Read More

Modern Interior

View Your Home in a Whole New Light with our Top Picks for Smart Lighting

15 Jun 2021 Intelligent Lighting

Lighting is a tool we have relied on for thousands of years in allowing and improving the visibility of the world around us – yet we very often don’t look past its most basic function. It’s easy to see lighting as nothing more than a way of brightening up our homes, where we often settle for lighting solutions that are lacklustre and non-personalised. For some, the idea of smart lighting is a concept of the future, but smart lighting is very much the technology of today that bring about a multitude of benefits to your home life. Read More

Home Security

How Smart Home Automation Can Protect Your Home While You’re Away

17 May 2021 Home Automation

With the summer months drawing in, it’s a time where we’d rather be outside of our homes – whether we’re venturing out locally or travelling afar on a well-earned summer holiday. While there are lots of days away from home to look forward to, it’s easy to feel anxious leaving our homes unattended and without protection.

We’ve all had those anxious thoughts; Have I locked all the doors? Will someone notice my home is unoccupied? What if there is a home emergency? The list is endless.   Read More

Home Automation Updates

Kick Start Your Smart Home With 2021’s Must-Have Home Automation Devices

19 Apr 2021 Home Automation

Convenience and staying connected is essential in the 21st century – this is undoubtedly no different in our homes.

It’s no surprise that 2021 will bring us the most revolutionary smart home technology to date, so we’re eager to delve into the new and top products available on the market. We’ll show you how brands like Creston, Lutron and Control4 can help not only elevate your home and bring it into the 21st century but also improve functionality, convenience and quality of living with a smarter and more seamless environment.  Read More

Control4 for business

Why Should You Use Control4 Technology For Your Business?

17 Mar 2021 Control4

Of all the technology brands you may have been considering for your business, smart technology specialists Control4 may be one you’ve overlooked or even completely dismissed.

On the face of it, that’s hardly surprising.

After all, Control4 has developed an enviable reputation in the field of smart home automation. Read More