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Home Automation Gadgets

The 10 Best Smart Home Devices & Systems of 2020

06 Jan 2020 Smart Technology

A brand new year is upon us, and that can only mean one thing:

Time to take our annual look at the biggest and best new products that are sure to become an essential part of the modern smart home experience in 2020 and beyond. Read More

Home Automation

Five Reasons to visit a Smart Home Showroom Before Investing in Home Automation

16 Dec 2019 Home Automation

Over the course of the past several years, more homeowners than ever before have begun incorporating smart home technology into their homes, utilising a variety of next-generation products to help them do everything from reducing home energy usage to enjoying the ultimate home cinema experience.

Homeowners have been snapping up the proliferation of new home automation products hitting the market with such gusto that according to Statista’s 2019 UK Smart Home Market report, the smart home market as a whole was valued at $4,127 million. Read More


Crestron and Control4 Pick up Top Prizes at Prestigious Smart Home Awards

06 Dec 2019 Control4 Crestron

Make no mistake about it, 2019 was a big year in the world of IoT (Internet of Things). At the start of the year, Gartner predicted that some 14.2 billion connected smart home devices would be in our homes by the year’s end.

As we look back throughout 2019, it certainly seems as though Gartner wasn’t far off the mark, with a host of smart home integrators, manufacturers and dealers working tirelessly to help modern homeowners enjoy the ultimate smart living experience and contributing to a global market value estimated to reach $7.1 trillion by next year. Read More

Smart Home Automation

Control4: What’s It Like Living In An Automated Bespoke Smart Home

19 Nov 2019 Control4

Thanks to the boom in popularity of voice-activated speakers, most of us are at least familiar with the concept of smart home automation these days.

Yet before the Google HomeKit or even the best-selling Amazon Echo was even a pipedream, home automation innovators Control4 were redefining the possibilities of living in the modern home. Read More

Creston Event

Crestron in London: What Happened at the 2019 Crestron Home Platform Event?

08 Nov 2019 Crestron

There are many reasons why Pro Install AV chose to partner with the Crestron brand:

  • They deliver quality smart home products that offer exceptional value for money.
  • They continually out-perform leading brands.

But more than anything else, if there’s one reason above all others why we’re proud to be certified Crestron dealers in London, it’s that the brand is always pushing the boundaries of possibility in the smart home world, coming up with new, innovative solutions to make it even easier for smart home users to enjoy their home. Read More