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Home Entertainment Solutions

Economy vs. Comfort: Different Approaches to Smart Home Automation, by Country

16 Aug 2018 Home Automation

It can’t have escaped your attention that the smart home automation market has exploded over the last few years.

Sure, once upon a time when home cinema installations, av, and integrated climate control were the exclusive reserve of the uber-rich, but look:

Those days are long gone. Read More

Intelligent Lighting Control

Smart Home Vs Home Automation Vs Connected Home

06 Aug 2018 Home Automation

Doesn’t it seem that everyone you speak to about upgrading your home has a different bunch of buzzwords for you to get your head around? Some talk of connected homes and the Internet of things, other of home automation and others yet of smart homes and smart tech. Read More

Whole Home Automation Installation

Home Automation Prices: How To Budget For Your New Smart Home Installation

25 Jul 2018 Home Automation

With home automation prices ranging anywhere from just a few hundred pounds to in excess of £100 grand, how exactly do you go about planning a budget for your next smart home installation?

If there’s one question we’re asked more than any other here at Pro Install AV, that has to be it.

Not that we’re necessarily surprised. After all, home automation installation is no small investment. Read More

Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Audio: Your Questions Answered by London’s Top AV Installers

19 Jul 2018 Audio Visual

Whole home audio has come a long way in a short space of time. From the uber-expensive systems of old that sounded no better than your average hi-fi to powerful, next-generation technology of today, it’s never been easier -or more affordable- to enjoy impeccable audio quality throughout your home than it is right now.

It’s for this reason that our AV installation specialists find ourselves inundated with more questions than ever before about how they too can start getting more out of the latest innovations in multi-room audio. Read More

Home Automation

More Than Just Technology: Three Things You Didn’t Know Your Home Automation Installers Could Do For You

11 Jul 2018 Home Automation

Regular readers of the Pro Install AV blog will know that our home automation installers are always among the very first in the industry to bring you up-to-date news and expert insights on how you and your loved ones can use the latest innovations in smart technology to transform your property into a state-of-the-art smart home.

In the past, we’ve helped you use intelligent lighting control to reduce energy costs whilst at the same time improving the aesthetic qualities of any room in your home. Read More