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Smart Home Lighting Control System Design & Installation

Experience your property like never before with intelligent lighting control from Pro Install AV: The perfect combination of innovative technology and impeccable design.

Though most of us take it for granted, lighting plays a huge role in the way many of us experience the world around us. For homeowners, letting ample amounts of natural light shine through means significant reductions to our energy bills, whilst a little mood lighting can go a long way in transforming your average dinner-for-two into the perfect soirée romantique.

For property developers, getting intelligent lighting control spot on often means all the difference in a successful sale. Shine just the right late in just the right place, and you accentuate those property features guaranteed to be a hit with potential buyers. That’s before we say anything about the sure-fire selling point of energy efficient, eco-friendly lighting.

For well over a decade, Pro Install AV have worked with countless homeowners and industry professionals across London, the UK, and Europe, helping each one make their properties shine at their brightest with a range of bespoke home lighting control systems.

Combining stylish design to compliment your home’s decor with next-generation technologies light years ahead of anything you’ll find in high street home stores, we design and install smart home lighting solutions which allow both homeowners and industry professionals to experience their properties in a whole new light.