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Smart Home Solutions

What increase in value does Smart Home automation have on a property?

04 Oct 2021 Home Automation

When adding value to a property with improvements the capital cost of any improvements must be weighed against the uplift in selling price. However, this increase in selling price is not so much related to the cost of improvements but more to the perceived value the buyer sees in them.

For example, buyers often want to move into a property that requires little or no work being carried out, and they are quite willing to pay a premium for that. In the same way, when selling a property which has features, such as smart home automation, that make it stand out from the competition, the property will become more visible and appealing and will consequently command a higher price. Read More

Smart Energy Savings Innovation

Look at the latest on Smart Energy Savings Innovation

06 Sep 2021 Smart Technology

According to a Delta-EE report, Home Energy Management in the UK is expected to grow by 31% every year over the next five years.

Home energy technologies are developing all the time. Companies come up with new technologies or new features for existing technologies. It is up to smart home installers in London and elsewhere to keep abreast of developments, employing the best. Read More

Creston Home Automation

How adaptable will my smart home system be to future technologies?

06 Aug 2021 Home Automation

Choosing a smart home automation project for your home or business can be daunting at the outset. The choice of products, technology, and systems are a lot to take in, let alone thinking of the future and how adaptable your smart home will be to future technology.

This is where Pro Install AV specialists come in to cut through the jargon and inform rather than overwhelm. They always recommend a visit to Pro Install AV, Home Automation London, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, SW10 0XE, to clarify any questions and feel the possibilities. They say a picture paints 1000 words.  Read More

Home Automation London

Why You Must Invest in Smart Home Technology if you Remodel Your Home

16 Jul 2021 Smart Technology

Deciding to remodel your home makes for an exciting new project and brings a new lease of life to your property. At a time where we’re spending more time at home than ever before, there really is no better time to commit to your dream remodel – whether you’re dedicated to modernising, being more energy-efficient or increasing your home’s value. Read More

Modern Interior

View Your Home in a Whole New Light with our Top Picks for Smart Lighting

15 Jun 2021 Intelligent Lighting

Lighting is a tool we have relied on for thousands of years in allowing and improving the visibility of the world around us – yet we very often don’t look past its most basic function. It’s easy to see lighting as nothing more than a way of brightening up our homes, where we often settle for lighting solutions that are lacklustre and non-personalised. For some, the idea of smart lighting is a concept of the future, but smart lighting is very much the technology of today that bring about a multitude of benefits to your home life. Read More