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Smart Home Solutions

10 Things to know about smart homes

14 Jun 2022 Smart Technology

As an award-winning smart home installer, we understand there’s more to owning a smart home than just being tech-savvy. Not only can they save you money and enhance your life it also contributes to fighting climate change.

With an increasing number of homeowners choosing to invest in smart home technology, the chances are you’d like to know a bit more about it. This post deals with 10 things you should know about living in a smart home. Read on to find out more. Read More

Home Cinema Smart Lighting Control design & Installation

Intelligent Lighting – How It Can Reduce Energy Bills

09 May 2022 Intelligent Lighting

The cost of running a home has risen over recent months, making it harder for many households to make ends meet. The information below could be helpful when reducing energy bills is a big concern. Read More

Control4 Gold Dealer

It’s official: Pro Install AV is now a Control4 Authorised Gold Dealer 2022

08 Apr 2022 Control4

From launching onto the market in 2003, Control4 has had to punch above its weight to gain market share from the leading, established home automation brands, like Lutron and Crestron. However, it seems Control4 have relished the competition, employing ground-breaking innovation to achieve lighting control systems that have won industry awards and professional acclaim. Similarly, high-quality AV integration matched with this lighting control earns Control4 the ‘go-to’ choice for home cinema and multimedia installations in many countries. Read More

Home Automation Design

Why it’s best to talk to a Pro Install AV technician initially to clarify your Home Automation plans

09 Mar 2022 Home Automation

Any large purchase is associated with the excitement of engaging in a new project but also a natural level of anxiety. Anyone thinking of home automation for the first time may start to question their motives. I don’t know much about home automation? I already feel out of my depth? Am I making the right decision? Is it going to be more expensive than I thought?

For many people, installing home automation will be for the first time. They are confronted with lots of choices: including lighting, security, home entertainment solutions, heating, and ventilation, as well as numerous different brands, all of which sound new, and that need to seamlessly connect to the internet. Read More

Home Automation Updates

Reasons why you should choose Pro Install AV for your home automation project

05 Feb 2022 Home Automation

With the cost and complexity of any smart home automation installation, it is essential to use a creditable and experienced installer. The industry is littered with clients who decided on a smart home automation project without thoroughly checking the chosen installer’s credentials and experience.

This can lead to an unfortunate situation where the first installer abandons the project and leaves the client to find a new installer to salvage his project. All of this could simply be avoided by researching and employing an installer who has the necessary skills and experience. True, you may pay a little more for an experienced installer, but in the long run, the decision will pay dividends. Read More