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Why Lutron over Crestron and Control4

Property Developers: Create a Compelling USP With These Dynamic Home Automation Systems

18 Apr 2018 Home Automation

How a smart home automation installation could be the one missing ingredient your development needs to really attract new buyers.

Amidst fierce industry competition and the ever-increasing demands from property buyers for affordable, quality housing, making your newly developed property an irresistible proposition for those buyers can seem like an impossible challenge.

Sure, you can tout the prime location, the close proximity to neighbouring schools and the enticing low deposit as reasons why buyers should snap up that hot property you’ve just put on the market, but then isn’t every developer on the block doing exactly the same thing? Read More

5 Smart Home Brands You May Not Have Heard of (But Absolutely Need in Your Life)

12 Apr 2018 Home Automation

Fuelled by the unprecedented popularity of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, smart home technology has truly become one of the most talked about developments of the last several years.

It’s not just the typical tech geeks that are responsible for the smart home buzz either, but every day homeowners who are quickly wising up to the fact that this next-generation technology can so easily and affordably add all new levels of convenience, style, and cost-efficiency to their day-to-day lives. Read More

Multi Room AV

Integrating Multi-Room AV into New Build Homes: Expert Advice From Top London AV Installers

06 Apr 2018 Audio Visual

As a top property developer, the entire success of your business is contingent on your ability to provide buyers with homes they can really fall in love with.

That means going above and beyond the usual mod-cons and presenting stunning, state-of-the-art properties that promise more than just a place to live, but a whole new way to experience the joys of living in the modern 21st century. Read More

Home Automation Installation

How to Add Significant Value to Your Home With a Home Automation Installation

20 Mar 2018 Home Automation

So, you’re serious about adding value to your home, yet whenever you mention it, you’re met with a wealth of conflicting ideas on how exactly you should do it.

Talk to one group, and they’ll suggest converting your loft or garage into extra living space. Talk to another, and they’ll recommend building a conservatory, whilst a third group will convince you that it’s all about that big kitchen refurb. Read More

Control4 Home Automation

Why Control4 is the Perfect Smart Home System for Homeowners on a Budget

07 Mar 2018 Control4

From the rising popularity of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo to the elaborate, all-singing, all-dancing smart home systems that attract rave reviews and viral-level shares on blogs and social media, home automation is everywhere you turn as of late.

So it’s no wonder that you find yourself spending every spare moment idly daydreaming about turning your own home into an integrated wonderland of world-class technology. Read More