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Home Security

Smart Home Security Gadgets Worth Considering

07 Apr 2023 Home Security

Home security is a number one priority for many people. That said, some homes are more at risk thanks to the location and whether a property is a ground-floor flat. Choosing the right smart home security installation goes a long way in protecting your home while at the same time providing peace of mind when you’re not there.

So, the first thing you should do is find the right security system to fit your needs and budget! Read More

Smart home office

Smart Home Office Equipment Worth Considering

06 Mar 2023 Home Automation

Organising a dedicated workspace is essential when you work from home. First, it provides you with the privacy needed to be more productive. Second, it heightens your availability in a digital world where collaborators and clients live in various time zones.

We’ve listed some smart home office equipment worth considering in this post which could enhance the way you work from home. Plus, our Award-winning Home Automation team can provide essential advice on which smart home office equipment would suit your needs the most.  Read More

Support and Maintenance

How much internet speed does your smart home need UK

24 Feb 2023 Smart Technology

Smart Homes help make our lives easier in many ways. But with technology advancing at such a fast rate, does it mean internet speeds are getting left behind?

Today, many Smart Homes in the UK boast as many as twenty-five internet-connected devices and the number could be growing. It’s all thanks to the new technologies that are now available. Read More

Control4 for business

Enhance your home entertainment space with a Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip

11 Jan 2023 Smart Technology

There are lots of exciting ways to enhance an entertainment space in your smart home. One which has made the headlines is the innovative Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip.

Not only does a Hue Play Gradient lightstrip allow you to project multiple colours along the bar’s entire length, but it also adds smooth accent lighting effects which really enhances viewing experiences. Read More

What is Matter

What is Matter and is it worth it?

08 Dec 2022 Home Automation

Smart devices are in demand with more people than ever choosing to update their homes so they’re more efficient. There’s an amazing range on the market which includes lighting controls, automatic blinds, doorbell cameras, and fully integrated home cinema systems.

To date the ability to easily control all this smart technology has been somewhat lacking. But no more. The rollout of Matter changes all that! So, why is it important for your smart home? We’ll explain all that in our post. Read More