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Award Winning Lutron Homeworks Installers

Combining Stunning Interior Design with Innovative Smart Technology: The Easier Way to Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

08 May 2019 Home Automation

There once was a time when the worlds of technology and interior design were just about as far apart as it gets.

With the latter focusing predominantly on aesthetic qualities and a touch of everyday functionality, there was seemingly no room -nor much need- for the gizmos, gadgets and complicated devices of smart home technology. Read More

Home Automation Updates

Home Automation Updates: The Latest and Greatest Innovations from Crestron, Lutron, and Control4

11 Apr 2019 Home Automation

When they say that the home automation industry is growing, they’re really not kidding. Last year, the industry was worth $20 billion USD in the United States alone, enjoying an annual growth rate of no less than 22%.

If Forbes Magazine figures are to be believed, that means that the average home spends around $490 USD on home automation installations and associated smart home technology. Read More

Home Automation London

The Future is Now: How Future-Proofing Your Home Automation Installation Could Save You Thousands

08 Mar 2019 Home Automation Installation

According to new reports from leading research firm ABI Research, spending on smart home technology will grow by more than 50% within the next three years, taking the global market from an already sizeable USD 53 billion to an unprecedented USD 123 billion.

Though the numbers are impressive, they’re by no means surprising.

Figures indicate that as many as 1 in 6 of us now owns a smart speaker device, with ABI’s research suggesting that such a number is growing to grow exponentially by 2022. Read More

Home Automation

5 Smart Home Upgrades Every Homeowner Should Make in 2019

07 Feb 2019 Home Automation

If there’s one thing we can all agree on here at Pro Install AV, it’s that 2018 was truly a game-changing year for the home automation installation industry with more homeowners than ever before transforming their spaces thanks to top smart technology systems like Lutron Homeworks and the industry-leading Crestron home automation solution. Read More

Control4 for business

Control4, Latest innovations Can Transform Your Company in 2019

21 Jan 2019 Control4

Pro Install AV explain how the brand’s range of

  • multi-room AV,
  • lighting control and
  • Automation solutions

Can help your business to improve productivity and deliver outstanding value to your customers. Read More