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Award Winning Lutron Homeworks Installers


12 Jan 2022 Lutron

Seeing the Light

The recent spiralling increases in energy costs have had a sobering effect on many. Consequently, consumers focus now extends beyond heating savings to also include economies with lighting costs as well.

The privately-owned, Pennsylvania-based company Lutron started manufacturing lighting solutions in the early 1960s. The founder, Joel Spira, invented a solid-state dimmer, which astonished customers with the way it could change the mood of lighting in a room. Following further innovation, an integrated control panel became the forerunner of the cutting-edge intelligent lighting control systems we enjoy today. Read More

Home Automation Design

How does the design service work with home automation? And once installed, what service and maintenance am I likely to be looking at?

07 Dec 2021 Home Automation

Any home or business automation project can be daunting at the outset. With so many choices of devices, software, and integration, it can be challenging to know where to start. Luckily Pro Install AV anticipated these concerns and have broken the design process into several steps that lead logically on from each other. This helps to avoid unnecessary errors and makes the whole design process much more digestible. That home and business owners are enthusiastic about home automation is never in doubt; however, it is clear that they want to enjoy the benefits of these services with hands-off simplicity.

Pro Install AV now have more than a decade of experience in the domestic and professional automation market. Their work spans a multitude of markets, which can be loosely grouped into homeowners, architects, interior designers, property developers, and building trade professionals in the UK and Europe too. During the past 10 years, automation products and services have progressed beyond all recognition, and with the final advent of more and more workable AI, that pace of change will only keep accelerating. Read More

Home automation Consultants

Control 4 offers integrated, pre-programmed systems, which fit well with the growing demand for hands-off simplicity – a review in domestic & business settings

11 Nov 2021 Control4

In the 1960’s we used to watch TV without a remote control. It never occurred to us how inconvenient it was to get up, walk to the TV and sit down again. When we watched a US program showing someone using a remote control, we would be appalled, saying: ‘How lazy is that?’ 

Times certainly change, and nowadays, with voice activation, remote controls, and linked mobiles, we are masters of our home automation. Through design and innovation, we can control the TV/cinema, music, heating, lighting, curtains, and shades, as well as security and arriving visitors. Read More

Smart Home Solutions

What increase in value does Smart Home automation have on a property?

04 Oct 2021 Home Automation

When adding value to a property with improvements the capital cost of any improvements must be weighed against the uplift in selling price. However, this increase in selling price is not so much related to the cost of improvements but more to the perceived value the buyer sees in them.

For example, buyers often want to move into a property that requires little or no work being carried out, and they are quite willing to pay a premium for that. In the same way, when selling a property which has features, such as smart home automation, that make it stand out from the competition, the property will become more visible and appealing and will consequently command a higher price. Read More

Smart Energy Savings Innovation

Look at the latest on Smart Energy Savings Innovation

06 Sep 2021 Smart Technology

According to a Delta-EE report, Home Energy Management in the UK is expected to grow by 31% every year over the next five years.

Home energy technologies are developing all the time. Companies come up with new technologies or new features for existing technologies. It is up to smart home installers in London and elsewhere to keep abreast of developments, employing the best. Read More