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Home Cinema Surround Sound Systems and Multi-Room Audio Installations

Make the movies you love sound even better with state-of-the-art surround sound from Pro Install AV, designed to deliver that authentic cinema experience in your very own home.

When we talk cinema-like quality audio, you know just what we mean, don’t you? You’ve not only heard it, but felt it; that exciting vibration, reverberating throughout your whole body, dragging you right out of your seat and into the very scene you’re watching.

Thanks to Pro Install AV’s audio system design and installation team, you could soon be enjoying that very same experience without ever leaving home.

We create multi-room audio and home cinema systems which deliver the same kind of impeccable clarity and amazing depth you normally only find inside a major multiplex.

Ready to experience the very best in home cinema surround sound? Then you’re ready to talk to Pro Install AV. Call us now on +44(0)20 7096 0078 or get in touch online to arrange your free consultation.

Stunning Quality Surround Sound Systems

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Fully Immersive 3D Audio

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Multi-Room Audio Control

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