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Multi-Room Audio Video Consultant

There’s no limit to the home entertainment you and your family can enjoy with a new multi-room home Audio video distribution and smart TV installation from Pro Install AV.

Imagine the scenario: It’s a weekend afternoon and you’re eager to cheer your team onto victory when the big game broadcasts live on Sky Sports, yet at the same time, your partner is planning to catch up on the soaps. Then there’s the kids to think about; they’re unlikely to give either you a moment’s peace until they’re able to indulge in that Game of Thrones boxset on Netflix.

There once was a time when this would have caused all kinds of household conflicts.

Now, with a multi-room TV distribution system from Pro Install AV, those days are long gone for you and your family.

Thanks to the latest innovations in home entertainment technology, you and your loved ones can all watch anything you like, in any room you choose, all at the same time.

Bespoke Multi-Room Audio Video Distribution Tailored to Your Lifestyle

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Help us to Plan Your Perfect Audio Video Distribution System: Things to Think About Before You Call

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