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Why Intelligent Lighting Control is Such a Vital Part of Your Home Cinema Installation

16 Oct 2017 Home Cinema

Think about the last time you went to your local multiplex.

There’s a reason they lower the lights when the movie starts:

Too much light ruins the viewing experience, whilst too little can do the same.

Bringing Out the Best of Your Bespoke Home Cinema

Though many of us take it for granted, there’s actually a fine art to getting the lighting balance just right. This involves not just the intensity of the lights themselves, but also their positions, angles, and even which lights are turned on at which time.

Doing so in your local multiplex means you really get to see that movie exactly the way its creators intended. It’s the same at your home too.

Using intelligent lighting control can really bring the best out of your home cinema installation by creating an authentic, multiplex experience in your living room.

After all, if you’re anything like most modern smart home owners, you’ve already invested heavily in a bespoke home cinema system. Smart lighting helps you to get maximum value from your investment by enhancing the picture quality and creating the kind of atmosphere that really helps you lose yourself in the story.

What’s more, all of this can be done at the click of a button.


Set the Perfect Scene for Any Occasion

Imagine the scenario:

It’s a cosy night in. Just you and that special someone curled up on the sofa with a romantic movie loaded up on your new home cinema installation.

There’s just one problem:

Before the movie starts, you have to interrupt that perfect moment to get up and turn the lights off.

Talk about killing the mood!

Now, picture that very same scenario, only this time, when the movie loads up, the lights automatically fade, setting the perfect ambiance for your romantic night in.

Intelligent lighting works with your cinema system to set the perfect scene for any occasion at the click of a button.

The end result?

Not only a better viewing experience, but an easier, more relaxed one with no interruptions, no hassle, just you, your favourite movie and of course, your favourite someone.