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Four Ways Home Automation Can Protect Your Home When You’re on Holiday

21 Jun 2019 Home Automation

After that long, gruelling winter, the summer months have finally arrived and for you and your loved ones, that means only one thing:

Time to jet off into the sun and enjoy a well-earned summer holiday.

After all, you’ve worked incredibly hard over the past couple of months. If anyone deserves to truly put their feet up and let their hair down, it’s you.

Yet let’s be honest, it’s never quite so easy to truly relax when you know that your home is empty and unprotected, is it?

Worry not, dear readers. Here are four ways that a smart home automation installation can keep your home safe so that you can truly enjoy the rest you deserve.

Worrying about your home can really take the fun out of that summer holiday. These smart home automation devices ensure your property is well protected so that you can relax, unwind, and enjoy complete peace of mind on your well-earned getaway.

1: Keep an eye on your home from afar


Smart CCTV systems can connect to your home broadband, streaming a live feed of your property to a cloud server that you can access anywhere, at any time on any device.

This means that, even if you’re thousands of miles away from home, you can enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe by viewing a real-time live feed directly from your smartphone.

Of course, nobody’s idea of the perfect summer holiday involves lying on a sunbed, constantly monitoring how things are back home.

So, while you sip your pina colada or bask in the sunshine, a smart security camera can keep an eye on things and send you an alert notification the moment it detects movement.

Smart security cameras allow you to monitor your home anywhere at any time, with live HD video streaming accessible from any device with a WiFi connection.

2: Fool burglars by pretending to be in


Simulated occupancy is one of the biggest benefits of today’s smart home automation installations, though not everyone uses it to its full advantage.

Before you leave, you can pre-set your Lutron HomeWorks system (from £1,000) to turn on at a certain time of the evening to create the illusion that you’re home, even when you’re not.

You could even go one further by creating a smart home scene that doesn’t just load the lights but also turns on your home entertainment system (from £12,500) or plays podcasts through your multi-room AV system to give potential intruders the impression that people are talking inside the house.

You don’t just to have set this before you leave, either. Again, anywhere that you have an Internet connection and a smart device, you have immediate access to your property and can keep burglars in the dark about who’s in your home, just by turning on the lights.

Use home automation can create a strong deterrent for would-be thieves by turning on your lights and entertainment to make them think you’re at home, even when you’re miles away on a sunny beach.

3: Bullet-proof your home against emergencies


It isn’t always external threats that are the danger. Smoke, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and burst or frozen pipes can also do some pretty serious damage.

Luckily, there are many smart devices to help with this.

Smart alarm systems are able to monitor your home for smoke or carbon monoxide and send an alert notification to your phone. You can then check in on CCTV and contact the emergency services.

Meanwhile, smart thermostats can automatically turn on the heating when temperatures get too low and provide additional protection for frozen pipes.

Protect yourself from fires, floods and other disasters with smart home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as smart thermostats and other life-saving devices.

4: Safeguard your furniture with a pet favourite


While we’d never recommend leaving your furry friends home alone for too long, even a few short hours spent by themselves in between visits from the dog sitter can lead to all kinds of chaos.

Using a smart CCTV camera, you can keep an eye on your pets and ensure they’re no tearing up the furniture. If there is a problem, you’ll then be able to get on the phone to your pet sitter and get them to go round.

You could even use your multi-room AV system to play their favourite soothing sounds to keep anxious pets calm and relaxed.

To find out more about how smart home automation can help you protect your property, contact Pro Install AV online today or call now on +44(0)20 7096 0078.