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Smart home office

Smart Home Office Equipment Worth Considering

Organising a dedicated workspace is essential when you work from home. First, it provides you with the privacy needed to be more productive. Second, it heightens your availability in a digital world where collaborators and clients live in various time zones.

We’ve listed some smart home office equipment worth considering in this post which could enhance the way you work from home. Plus, our Award-winning Home Automation team can provide essential advice on which smart home office equipment would suit your needs the most.  (more…)

What is Matter

What is Matter and is it worth it?

Smart devices are in demand with more people than ever choosing to update their homes so they’re more efficient. There’s an amazing range on the market which includes lighting controls, automatic blinds, doorbell cameras, and fully integrated home cinema systems.

To date the ability to easily control all this smart technology has been somewhat lacking. But no more. The rollout of Matter changes all that! So, why is it important for your smart home? We’ll explain all that in our post. (more…)

Smart Home Automation

What’s the Difference Between a Smart Home and a Connected Home?

With all the new smart technologies available, it’s easy to think a Smart Home is the same as a Connected Home. However, there are a few striking differences in their applications.

We take a look at these differences in our post to help you better understand how ‘smart’ and ‘connected’ technologies differ (more…)

Home Automation London

Is home automation worth the money?

Is home automation installation worth the money? It’s a question many homeowners ask. Although at one time, it was considered futuristic, today, home automation is not only commonplace but affordable too. In addition, you’ll find that home automation installation changes how you view and use your property in the best light.

Smart home devices allow you to remotely control anything you want and when you want. Ultimately saving you money. In short, you’ll recoup the cost of installing home automation in a relatively short time. (more…)

Home Automation Design

Why it’s best to talk to a Pro Install AV technician initially to clarify your Home Automation plans

Any large purchase is associated with the excitement of engaging in a new project but also a natural level of anxiety. Anyone thinking of home automation for the first time may start to question their motives. I don’t know much about home automation? I already feel out of my depth? Am I making the right decision? Is it going to be more expensive than I thought?

For many people, installing home automation will be for the first time. They are confronted with lots of choices: including lighting, security, home entertainment solutions, heating, and ventilation, as well as numerous different brands, all of which sound new, and that need to seamlessly connect to the internet. (more…)

Home Automation Updates

Reasons why you should choose Pro Install AV for your home automation project

With the cost and complexity of any smart home automation installation, it is essential to use a creditable and experienced installer. The industry is littered with clients who decided on a smart home automation project without thoroughly checking the chosen installer’s credentials and experience.

This can lead to an unfortunate situation where the first installer abandons the project and leaves the client to find a new installer to salvage his project. All of this could simply be avoided by researching and employing an installer who has the necessary skills and experience. True, you may pay a little more for an experienced installer, but in the long run, the decision will pay dividends. (more…)

Home Automation Design

How does the design service work with home automation? And once installed, what service and maintenance am I likely to be looking at?

Any home or business automation project can be daunting at the outset. With so many choices of devices, software, and integration, it can be challenging to know where to start. Luckily Pro Install AV anticipated these concerns and have broken the design process into several steps that lead logically on from each other. This helps to avoid unnecessary errors and makes the whole design process much more digestible. That home and business owners are enthusiastic about home automation is never in doubt; however, it is clear that they want to enjoy the benefits of these services with hands-off simplicity.

Pro Install AV now have more than a decade of experience in the domestic and professional automation market. Their work spans a multitude of markets, which can be loosely grouped into homeowners, architects, interior designers, property developers, and building trade professionals in the UK and Europe too. During the past 10 years, automation products and services have progressed beyond all recognition, and with the final advent of more and more workable AI, that pace of change will only keep accelerating. (more…)

Smart Home Solutions

What increase in value does Smart Home automation have on a property?

When adding value to a property with improvements the capital cost of any improvements must be weighed against the uplift in selling price. However, this increase in selling price is not so much related to the cost of improvements but more to the perceived value the buyer sees in them.

For example, buyers often want to move into a property that requires little or no work being carried out, and they are quite willing to pay a premium for that. In the same way, when selling a property which has features, such as smart home automation, that make it stand out from the competition, the property will become more visible and appealing and will consequently command a higher price. (more…)

Creston Home Automation

How adaptable will my smart home system be to future technologies?

Choosing a smart home automation project for your home or business can be daunting at the outset. The choice of products, technology, and systems are a lot to take in, let alone thinking of the future and how adaptable your smart home will be to future technology.

This is where Pro Install AV specialists come in to cut through the jargon and inform rather than overwhelm. They always recommend a visit to Pro Install AV, Home Automation London, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, SW10 0XE, to clarify any questions and feel the possibilities. They say a picture paints 1000 words.  (more…)

Home Security

How Smart Home Automation Can Protect Your Home While You’re Away

With the summer months drawing in, it’s a time where we’d rather be outside of our homes – whether we’re venturing out locally or travelling afar on a well-earned summer holiday. While there are lots of days away from home to look forward to, it’s easy to feel anxious leaving our homes unattended and without protection.

We’ve all had those anxious thoughts; Have I locked all the doors? Will someone notice my home is unoccupied? What if there is a home emergency? The list is endless.   (more…)

Home Automation Updates

Kick Start Your Smart Home With 2021’s Must-Have Home Automation Devices

Convenience and staying connected is essential in the 21st century – this is undoubtedly no different in our homes.

It’s no surprise that 2021 will bring us the most revolutionary smart home technology to date, so we’re eager to delve into the new and top products available on the market. We’ll show you how brands like Creston, Lutron and Control4 can help not only elevate your home and bring it into the 21st century but also improve functionality, convenience and quality of living with a smarter and more seamless environment.  (more…)

Smart Devices for home

How Smart Home Automation Can Help You Stay Safe and Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer is here at last, and after months of being cooped up inside, we should all be looking forward to heading outdoors for some much-needed fresh air and sunshine. 

Yet let’s face it: 

With the current pandemic still ongoing, this summer is going to be very different. (more…)

Smart Home Solutions

5 Home Automation Tools That Immediately Add Value to Your Property

Whether you’re planning to put your property on the market in 2020 or are simply looking at ways to add some long-term value to your home, there’s no shortage of upgrades and additions you could potentially invest in.

Of course, loft, cellar, and even garage conversions remain popular, expanding the amount of available space so that your home proves an attractive proposition to growing families. (more…)

Home Automation

Home Automation vs Internet of Things (IoT) vs Connected Home – What are the Differences

It’s the dawn of a brand new decade, and you’re eager to finally bring your home into the 21st century by adding the latest smart home technology.

Yet when you start to do your research, the amount of jargon and confusing buzzwords can be enough to put you off for good.

Some people talk of a connected home, others talk of the Internet of Things (IoT), and others yet talk of home automation. (more…)

Home Automation

Five Reasons to visit a Smart Home Showroom Before Investing in Home Automation

Over the course of the past several years, more homeowners than ever before have begun incorporating smart home technology into their homes, utilising a variety of next-generation products to help them do everything from reducing home energy usage to enjoying the ultimate home cinema experience.

Homeowners have been snapping up the proliferation of new home automation products hitting the market with such gusto that according to Statista’s 2019 UK Smart Home Market report, the smart home market as a whole was valued at $4,127 million. (more…)