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10 Things to know about smart homes

14 Jun 2022 Smart Technology

As an award-winning smart home installer, we understand there’s more to owning a smart home than just being tech-savvy. Not only can they save you money and enhance your life it also contributes to fighting climate change.

With an increasing number of homeowners choosing to invest in smart home technology, the chances are you’d like to know a bit more about it. This post deals with 10 things you should know about living in a smart home. Read on to find out more.

1. A smart home could save you money on energy bills


According to a report published by the Connected Devices Alliance, investing in smart home technology can reduce the amount of energy used by around 30%.

This translates to saving about £450 a year on energy bills for an average UK home. Your bills could potentially come down even more!

Just by replacing light bulbs in a home with LEDs could on average, save you around £40 a year, according to figures published by the Energy Saving Trust. Other savings you could achieve includes:

  • Smart plugs can be set to turn off electronic devices at a scheduled time, saving a further £35 a year
  • Smart thermostats can reduce heating costs by 31%, according to statistics published by Tado. You could save around £180 annually when your bills are £580+ annually, according to figures published in a UK 2021 government report

Pro Install AV is an award-winning smart home installer. Our team of experts offer invaluable advice and support to all our customers.

2. Smart homes are connected homes


A smart home can have wireless connections on specific devices. This allows control over a living space even when you are not at home. So you can interact with your home from wherever you are. Plus, your smart home can communicate with you, which keeps you informed on what’s going on.

A smart plug connected to Amazon Echo, for example, allows you to communicate with Echo, which sends the plug your wireless command. Whether you want semi-home automation or whole-home automation, Pro Install AV is here to provide support and advice.

3. A smart home is worth more money


According to a survey by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, a high percentage of homeowners are ready to pay more when purchasing a smart home.

In short, you could put your smart home on the market for considerably more money, and people would be keen to pay your asking price when you have installed smart devices, which include:

  • A smart thermostat
  • Smart Home hubs like Apple Home or Alexa
  • Smart lights
  • Smart blinds

Our team of experts can provide all the advice needed to set up your smart home so it’s energy-efficient. This can save you hundreds of pounds in energy bills every year and increase the value of your home. 

4. Smart homes help fight climate change


According to a report published by Connected Devices Alliance, the UK’s energy consumption would be reduced by 2% if one-third of homes were turned into efficiently run smart homes.

Call us today to find out how we can help you save a fortune on energy costs. In addition, our team will provide more information about setting up smart devices in your home.

5. Renewable energy solutions are easier in smart homes

Smart homes provide more accessible solutions to using renewable energy. Again, this helps combat climate change. Solar panels can be fitted, and they can be remotely controlled. It ensures the energy generated gets used to power chosen devices.

Using a smart meter for payments for the electricity sent to the National Grid is a seamless operation. 

6. Smart homes deter burglars


survey carried out by the Co-op found that over 85% of burglars they asked said a smart home would deter them from targeting the property.

There are various smart devices available that help make a home more secure. Our team can advise you on Creston home automation costs and Control4 home automation costs. Call today to find out more.

7. Smart homes can help older people and the disabled lead better lives

Many smart devices can help older people and the disabled lead much better lives. This includes:

  • Smart blinds
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart speakers
  • Video doorbells

All of which can be controlled without a person having to move. In short, smart devices can restore a person’s independence. They also make it easier for carers to assist a person remotely should anything happen in the home.

8. Smart homes are unlikely to be hacked with the suitable precautions in place


According to a report published by Statista most people have not had their online accounts hacked. Plus, with the proper precautions in place, the risk of being hacked is significantly reduced.

To make a home more secure, you can schedule and set up the following:

  • Automatic update downloads
  • Carefully chosen passwords
  • Two-step authentication

Setting updates to automatically download and choosing strong passwords are just two things you can do to make devices more secure. In addition, the two-step authentication adds another layer of security, which reduces any risk of being hacked.

Pro Install AV can provide all the advice you need to keep your smart devices secure. Call today and find out more.

9. High satisfaction rates

survey published by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 98% of homeowners with smart devices are happy with their investments and experiences. In addition, statistics found that people enjoyed the extra time they had, all thanks to having smart devices in their homes.

10. Smart homes make life easier


YouGov report found that people who chose smart appliances made their lives easier. It was the top reply most people gave when filling out the survey.


As award-winning home automation installers, our goal is to provide essential advice and support to all our customers. Our team has the expertise required to ensure a smart home works efficiently, saving you time and money in the process.

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