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Your source for the latest smart home news, along with expert advice on all things home cinema and automation.

Home Automation Installation

How to Add Significant Value to Your Home With a Home Automation Installation

20 Mar 2018 Home Automation

So, you’re serious about adding value to your home, yet whenever you mention it, you’re met with a wealth of conflicting ideas on how exactly you should do it.

Talk to one group, and they’ll suggest converting your loft or garage into extra living space. Talk to another, and they’ll recommend building a conservatory, whilst a third group will convince you that it’s all about that big kitchen refurb. Read More

Control4 Home Automation

Why Control4 is the Perfect Smart Home System for Homeowners on a Budget

07 Mar 2018 Control4

From the rising popularity of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo to the elaborate, all-singing, all-dancing smart home systems that attract rave reviews and viral-level shares on blogs and social media, home automation is everywhere you turn as of late.

So it’s no wonder that you find yourself spending every spare moment idly daydreaming about turning your own home into an integrated wonderland of world-class technology. Read More

Home Speakers

Exceptional Performance and Beautiful Design: Get the Best of Both Worlds With These Stunning Home Speakers

27 Feb 2018 Audio Visual

Whether you’re planning a bespoke home cinema installation, thinking of bringing the next generation of home entertainment innovation into your property with a multi-room AV system, or simply upgrading your current music set-up, home speakers play a vital role in ensuring that you enjoy your favourite music, movies, shows and games in exceptional quality.

That means investing in speaker solutions which guarantee the kind of crystal clear, high definition audio that truly stops you in your tracks. Read More

Lutron vs. Control4 vs. Crestron: Which Brand is Right For My Home?

21 Feb 2018 Home Automation

As the leading home automation installers in London, Pro Install AV have worked with scores of homeowners across the capital transform the way they live thanks to world-class smart home control systems from Lutron, Crestron, and Control4.

For some, it’s the way that Lutron enables them to set the perfect scene for any occasion with intelligent lighting control that holds the most appeal, whilst for others, it’s Control4’s unrivalled compatibility with other leading smart home products, or Crestron’s outstanding quality and versatility that seals the deal when deciding which home automation system is right for them. Read More

Home Lighting Control

Intelligent Lighting Control Explained: A Complete Beginners Guide

14 Feb 2018 Intelligent Lighting

Today’s smart lighting systems offer homeowners the complete freedom and flexibility to take control over how their home looks, feels, and even functions, but for many who are still using big, clunky switches to manage their lights manually, switching to intelligent lighting control can sometimes raise just as many questions as it answers.

That’s why we’re here.

As the leading Lutron certified dealers in London, Pro Install AV specialise in the design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of smart lighting solutions that help both homeowners and businesses to make the most of the latest innovations in lighting technology. Read More