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Home Cinema Lighting

Why Intelligent Lighting Control is Such a Vital Part of Your Home Cinema Installation

16 Oct 2017 Home Cinema

Think about the last time you went to your local multiplex.

There’s a reason they lower the lights when the movie starts:

Too much light ruins the viewing experience, whilst too little can do the same. Read More

Apple Homepod

Apple Announce New Siri Smart Home Speaker to Rival Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know

05 Oct 2017 Home Automation

It can’t have escaped your attention that smart speakers have become the quintessential must-have gadget of 2017.

Inspired by the runaway success of Amazon’s Echo – a speaker which integrates with a home’s AV installation and smart devices to provide voice-activated home automation- other big name tech brands have been quick to get in on the act.

The most notable of these has of course been search giants Google, whose own Google Home speaker was launched here in the UK at the end of summer to much acclaim. Read More

Sonance vs. Artcoustic – How to Choose the Best Luxury Speakers For Your Home AV Installation

25 Sep 2017 Audio Visual

Few components of your AV installation are quite as vital as your speakers.

Yes, you need cutting edge technology to power your home cinema system, yes you need a big screen to watch those big blockbuster movies, but it’s the speakers that really turn your home entertainment experience into something truly out of this world. Read More

Home Automation Technology

How Home Automation Can Protect Your Loved Ones

13 Sep 2017 Home Automation

Did you know that you can combine your smart home automation system with a top-of-the-range home security installation to provide round-the-clock protection for you and your loved ones?

Here, the expert home security installers at Pro Install AV explain just how easy it is. Read More

Property Developers Why It Pays to Invest in AV Installation

05 Sep 2017 Audio Visual

Last month, we looked at all the ways that building contractors can add significant value to their projects by partnering with a leading AV installation specialist.

What we didn’t mention, is that not only can property developers do the same, but they can also take advantage of a range of cutting edge AV solutions guaranteed to help improve the value of new build developments. Read More