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Home Cinema Smart Lighting Control design & Installation

Intelligent Lighting – How It Can Reduce Energy Bills

The cost of running a home has risen over recent months, making it harder for many households to make ends meet. The information below could be helpful when reducing energy bills is a big concern. (more…)

Modern Interior

View Your Home in a Whole New Light with our Top Picks for Smart Lighting

Lighting is a tool we have relied on for thousands of years in allowing and improving the visibility of the world around us – yet we very often don’t look past its most basic function. It’s easy to see lighting as nothing more than a way of brightening up our homes, where we often settle for lighting solutions that are lacklustre and non-personalised. For some, the idea of smart lighting is a concept of the future, but smart lighting is very much the technology of today that bring about a multitude of benefits to your home life. (more…)

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Smart Outdoor Lighting: This Summer’s Must-Have Essential for Your Garden

Those long, bright summer days are perfect for lazing around in the garden, throwing the occasional BBQ party, or simply relaxing on a sun lounger and soaking up some rays.

Yet just because the sun goes down eventually, that doesn’t mean your summer fun has to come to an end. (more…)

Garden lighting

Transform Your Garden with These Intelligent Lighting Tips From London’s Top Lutron Dealer

The sun is finally shining and the summer is well and truly upon us, meaning if there was ever a perfect time to head outdoors for a season of garden parties, barbeques, and working on your tan, now is most certainly it.

Yet just because you’ll be spending more time outdoors over the next couple of months that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same added style and convenience that you get from the smart technology inside your home. (more…)

Award Winning Lutron Homeworks Installers

How Does Intelligent Lighting Control Save You Money? Expert Answers From London’s Top Lutron Homeworks Dealer

There once was a time when intelligent lighting control was seen as the exclusive reserve of the uber-wealthy – a high-tech extravagance chosen purely for aesthetic purposes which transformed even the most basic rooms into truly stunning spaces.

Yet whilst the allure of a beautifully-lit home can’t be understated, these days there’s much more to smart lighting than meets the eye. (more…)

Home Lighting Control

Intelligent Lighting Control Explained: A Complete Beginners Guide

Today’s smart lighting systems offer homeowners the complete freedom and flexibility to take control over how their home looks, feels, and even functions, but for many who are still using big, clunky switches to manage their lights manually, switching to intelligent lighting control can sometimes raise just as many questions as it answers.

That’s why we’re here.

As the leading Lutron certified dealers in London, Pro Install AV specialise in the design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of smart lighting solutions that help both homeowners and businesses to make the most of the latest innovations in lighting technology. (more…)