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Creston Event

Crestron in London: What Happened at the 2019 Crestron Home Platform Event?

There are many reasons why Pro Install AV chose to partner with the Crestron brand:

  • They deliver quality smart home products that offer exceptional value for money.
  • They continually out-perform leading brands.

But more than anything else, if there’s one reason above all others why we’re proud to be certified Crestron dealers in London, it’s that the brand is always pushing the boundaries of possibility in the smart home world, coming up with new, innovative solutions to make it even easier for smart home users to enjoy their home. (more…)

Creston Home Automation

Crestron Home Automation Trends 2018

As a company that blazed a whole new trail in smart technology, it should come as no surprise to learn that, even decades after it was first founded in 1969, Crestron Home Automation remains one of the industry’s foremost innovators.

With the smart home market expected to reach a 2018 market value of  US$19,827m in the US alone, the Rockleigh, New Jersey based pioneers have continued to find new ways to make sure they enjoy a significant slice of that multi-million dollar pie. (more…)

Smart Home Kitchen

Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home With These Top Crestron Home Automation Products

From that first rousing coffee in a morning to the last plate left for the dishwasher late in the evening, your kitchen is already the busiest room in your home – but with you, your partner, and the kids simply passing through when you need something, doesn’t it feel more like an airport lounge than the warm, loving heart of your home that the kitchen was always designed to be?

Sure it does, but it doesn’t have to be this way. (more…)

Crestron Dealer

Looking for a Crestron Dealer in London? Here’s Five Essential Things to Consider

You’ve got your dream smart home system all planned out in your mind. You’ve even done your research and have some idea of what Crestron home automation costs. All you need now, is to find an authorised Crestron dealer you rely on to make your dream a reality.

Yet with a number of providers turning up on your radar, how do you know which one is right for your project.

More importantly, how do you know that your preferred Crestron installers are up capable of delivering the first class service and outstanding technical proficiency you deserve? (more…)