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Control4 for business

Why Pro Install AV and Control4 are the Perfect Smart Technology Partners for Your Hospitality Business

There’s no denying what a significant impact the events of 2020 have had on the hospitality business.

According to Pathways to Recovery, an all-party parliamentary group report into the effects of COVID-19 on the UK hospitality and tourism sector, only 11% of hospitality businesses were able to operate during the nationwide lockdown.

Meanwhile, international tourist arrivals were said to be down 59%, resulting in countless job losses and scores of businesses being forced to close their doors for good. (more…)

control4 google home

All about Control4 and the Google Assistant

While Amazon’s Alexa may have hogged all the limelight as far as voice-activated smart assistants go, it’s far from the only option on the market. Its closest rival, Google Assistant, has proven itself to be a worthy contender to Alexa’s throne.

When it was first launched in 2016, the Assistant-powered Google Home shipped five million units worldwide. Just three years later, that figure stood at 20 million, with sales predicted to top 140 million by the year 2025. (more…)


Crestron and Control4 Pick up Top Prizes at Prestigious Smart Home Awards

Make no mistake about it, 2019 was a big year in the world of IoT (Internet of Things). At the start of the year, Gartner predicted that some 14.2 billion connected smart home devices would be in our homes by the year’s end.

As we look back throughout 2019, it certainly seems as though Gartner wasn’t far off the mark, with a host of smart home integrators, manufacturers and dealers working tirelessly to help modern homeowners enjoy the ultimate smart living experience and contributing to a global market value estimated to reach $7.1 trillion by next year. (more…)

Smart Home Automation

Control4: What’s It Like Living In An Automated Bespoke Smart Home

Thanks to the boom in popularity of voice-activated speakers, most of us are at least familiar with the concept of smart home automation these days.

Yet before the Google HomeKit or even the best-selling Amazon Echo was even a pipedream, home automation innovators Control4 were redefining the possibilities of living in the modern home. (more…)

Control4 for business

Control4, Latest innovations Can Transform Your Company in 2019

Pro Install AV explain how the brand’s range of

  • multi-room AV,
  • lighting control and
  • Automation solutions

Can help your business to improve productivity and deliver outstanding value to your customers. (more…)

Control4 Home Automation

Why Control4 is the Perfect Smart Home System for Homeowners on a Budget

From the rising popularity of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo to the elaborate, all-singing, all-dancing smart home systems that attract rave reviews and viral-level shares on blogs and social media, home automation is everywhere you turn as of late.

So it’s no wonder that you find yourself spending every spare moment idly daydreaming about turning your own home into an integrated wonderland of world-class technology. (more…)

Whole House Lighting Control System

Make it a Magical Winter With Incredible Home Automation from Control4

Those long, dark nights are drawing in, the days are getting shorter, and a brisk chill permeates the air, but you don’t have to let winter drag you down this year. With Control4 home automation, you and your loved ones can transform your home into a brightly-lit haven of happiness, warmth and security all winter long.

The best part? It does all that at the single click of a button.

Here, Pro Install AV, the leading Control4 installer in London, demonstrate just a few ways that this innovative smart home brand can help you create your very own winter wonderland. (more…)