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Home Cinema Design

How to Choose the Best AV Installers in London for Your Project

There are lots of reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in a brand new AV installation.

Every year around this time, major brands like Crestron, Control4, and other leading names release their latest and greatest creations, from best-in-class sound systems, projectors, and-media devices to next-generation home automation systems like the award-winning Creston OS3 that pulls together your AV with other systems and products to create a fully integrated smart home experience. (more…)

AV Installation

Home Entertainment Predictions: What Will 2019 Bring for the World of AV Installation

Make no mistake about it, 2018 was certainly a banner year for the world of home entertainment, but what does the future hold for the way we consume our favourite games, music, movies and more? AV installation specialists Pro Install AV gaze into our 4K UHD crystal ball and offer our expert picks on the biggest smart home entertainment trends coming this way in 2019.

With major smart home innovators like Crestron and Control4 partnering up with the likes of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, home cinema installations turning into the year’s must-have luxury, and 4K technology being the talk of every industry convention from London to Japan, it’s been an exciting year for home entertainment aficionados. (more…)

Home Cinema Design

AV Design & Integration Turns Living Rooms into Luxury Home Theatres

From an average night in into one that’s truly unforgettable, next-generation home cinema installations are bringing the multiplex into living rooms across the country. Here, Pro Install AV explain why more and more homeowners are turning to bespoke audio-visual design for a blockbuster experience of their own.

There’s something altogether special about a night out at the cinema, isn’t there? (more…)

Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Audio: Your Questions Answered by London’s Top AV Installers

Whole home audio has come a long way in a short space of time. From the uber-expensive systems of old that sounded no better than your average hi-fi to powerful, next-generation technology of today, it’s never been easier -or more affordable- to enjoy impeccable audio quality throughout your home than it is right now.

It’s for this reason that our AV installation specialists find ourselves inundated with more questions than ever before about how they too can start getting more out of the latest innovations in multi-room audio. (more…)

Support and Maintenance

Your Complete Mid-Year AV Maintenance Checklist

Whether it’s a small, single-room set-up or a large-scale, whole home solution, it goes without saying that you spent more than a pretty penny on your home AV installation.

So, with that in mind, isn’t it worth protecting your valuable investment by taking some time out to ensure that it’s still running at its optimum best? (more…)

Multi Room AV

Integrating Multi-Room AV into New Build Homes: Expert Advice From Top London AV Installers

As a top property developer, the entire success of your business is contingent on your ability to provide buyers with homes they can really fall in love with.

That means going above and beyond the usual mod-cons and presenting stunning, state-of-the-art properties that promise more than just a place to live, but a whole new way to experience the joys of living in the modern 21st century. (more…)

Home Speakers

Exceptional Performance and Beautiful Design: Get the Best of Both Worlds With These Stunning Home Speakers

Whether you’re planning a bespoke home cinema installation, thinking of bringing the next generation of home entertainment innovation into your property with a multi-room AV system, or simply upgrading your current music set-up, home speakers play a vital role in ensuring that you enjoy your favourite music, movies, shows and games in exceptional quality.

That means investing in speaker solutions which guarantee the kind of crystal clear, high definition audio that truly stops you in your tracks. (more…)

Home Cinema

Leading Control4 Dealers Reveal the Top AV Maintenance Trends and Upgrades For 2018

Make no mistake about it – our home entertainment systems are going to get a pretty serious work out over the next twelve months.

With a host of high-profile sporting events, blockbuster movie releases, and -yes- even a royal wedding on the horizon, 2018 may well be the year that we’re glued to our screens more than ever before.

With that in mind, investing in some serious AV maintenance is set to be at the very top of many smart-home owners’ To-Do lists over the coming months. (more…)

Home Cinema

Why Investing in AV Maintenance for Your Home Should Be Top of Your New Year’s Resolutions List

For most people, planning New Year’s resolutions means turning to the obvious – losing weight, dropping a bad habit, or picking up a new hobby. Here at AV installation specialists Pro Install AV, however, we’ve always been the type to do things a little differently.

For us, thinking about New Year’s resolutions means thinking about something else entirely: (more…)

Home Cinema London

Why Now is the Perfect Time of Year to Take Care of AV Maintenance and Installation Upgrades

With so much going on lately, you haven’t given a second thought to investing in Audio Visual maintenance and installation of important updates and upgrades, have you?

After all, your current AV equipment is working just fine.

The truth, however, is that this is exactly the reason why you should take a moment to consider investing in upgrades or essential maintenance work for your system. (more…)


Sonance vs. Artcoustic – How to Choose the Best Luxury Speakers For Your Home AV Installation

Few components of your AV installation are quite as vital as your speakers.

Yes, you need cutting edge technology to power your home cinema system, yes you need a big screen to watch those big blockbuster movies, but it’s the speakers that really turn your home entertainment experience into something truly out of this world. (more…)

Audio Visual Solutions

Property Developers Why It Pays to Invest in AV Installation

Last month, we looked at all the ways that building contractors can add significant value to their projects by partnering with a leading AV installation specialist.

What we didn’t mention, is that not only can property developers do the same, but they can also take advantage of a range of cutting edge AV solutions guaranteed to help improve the value of new build developments. (more…)


Building Contractors: How an Audio Visual Consultant Can Help You Win That Next Big Contract

As an experienced building contractor, you’ve seen a lot of changes in your industry, especially when it comes to the kind demands your clients are making of you.

With smart home technology continuing to evolve, you find client requirements are becoming more and more sophisticated, and you either lack the expertise, time, or manpower to complete tasks like AV installation. (more…)

Crestron's full-scale Smart Home Showroom in London

5 Reasons it Pays to Invest in an AV Support Service for Your New Audio Visual Installation

Whether you’ve invested in large scale, multi-room AV, a bespoke home cinema or any other type of audio visual installation, you’ll have chosen both the hardware and software for a number of key factors.

Of all these factors, reliability and ease of use will -if they’re not already your absolute top priorities- at least rank in your top three.

After all, when you’re spending so much on a state-of-the-art system, you need the guarantee that it will be built to last and remain free from fault for many a year ahead, all whilst being simple enough to get to grips with quickly. (more…)